About Us

  • Founded in 1998, A R Entertainment became known very quickly for its outstanding performances and presence since it’s early beginnings.


    Company Highlights


    • Having participated in hundreds of events and many corporate and public events and fund raisers. To highlight a few…

    o The Daffodil ball 2010 (Theme: 1001 Arabian Nights) which raised $1.5 million to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.


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    o Performance at Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, ON) View the Video


    Company Qualities


    Cutting edge and always updated equipment in sound, lighting, and multimedia. We have a very large selection of diverse and updated English and international music selections. We believe that you should have the freedom to choose the music you like for your party! With customized music lists for your event, your party will represent you with your style of music.


    The Team


    Ahmad Rami


    Founder of A R Entertainment, and has been in the entertainment industry since 1998. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic, and very experienced in international music. Toured the world for his music work, Ahmad picked up many different skills and styles of music, and gained a great knowledge base of cultures. His experience in bringing the party to life goes above and beyond expectations. He has great music skills, he’s a singer, DJ, MC, sound / light / multimedia engineer, and he sums it all up with his originality in everything he does.


    Alfredo Rapone


    One of Montreal’s most reputable emcees, and partner at A R Entertainment. Alfredo’s experience in the entertainment business is of over 20 years. Fluent in English, French and Italian, and an experienced musician and emcee. His sense of humor always gets the crowd wanting more, and as his elegance and rich communications skills are key to the success of his work. Truly one of Montreal’s finest.




    Simply put, A R Entertainment’s right hand man, and partner at DJ 514. Khaled’s skills are a mix of great technical skills, party knowledge, and above all, being a one of a kind people’s person! Whether he’s running the technical work of a show, or simply running the photo-booth, he always manages to make people enjoy what they’re doing! He’s focused on the party 100% of the time to ensure everyone is having a wonderful time.

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